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Quick Links to To The Best Prices On Ziploc Vacuum Bags

The "ReynLoc Adapter" is the best way to use your Reynlods Handi-Vac pump or Debbie Meyer Genius Vac pump on a Ziploc Vacuum bag.

To Help you get the most value out of your ReynLoc Adapter.  Below are links to the lowest price I can find on Gallon and Quart size Ziploc Vacuum bags.

Prices are on the rise. If you find a lower price, please share it :-)

Box of 12 Quart size bags

Box of 8 Gallon size bags
Option w/
Jet.com $3.57 (click here) $3.57 (click here) No min.
Drugstore.com $4.49 (click here) $4.49 (click here) $35.00 min.

The ReynLoc Adapter is Guaranteed Not to Damage the Ziploc Vacuum Bag.

Very Important Notice:  (Read This If You Want To Use Ziploc Vacuum Bags)

Here's why you do NOT want to use the Reynolds Handi-Vac pump directly on a Ziploc vacuum bag.

The square plastic piece in the center of the big round circle on the Ziploc Vacuum bag has 2 one-way micro-vents underneath it.

The one-way micro-vents are designed to let air flow out of the bag but not in.  That's why they call them one-way vents.  Just like one-way streets.

It's similar technology for both the original Reynolds Handi-Vac and substitute Ziploc Vacuum bags.  Other than the size of the suction area the bags are very similar.  Both require the 2 one-way vents be covered by the pump in order to apply equal suction pressure to both vents at the same time.

This is where you can ruin the Ziploc Vacuum bag.

If suction is applied to 1 vent, the force of the suction can break or reverse the one-way action of the uncovered vent. Once all the air is sucked out of the bag the full force of the Reynolds Handi-Vac pump is going to be applied to the uncovered vent, and the one-way micro-vent is no match to the suction power of the pump, especially if you're using new batteries.

Here's what happens:

The guts of the uncovered one-way micro-vent gets pulled backwards because it is the closest source of air once the air is sucked out of the bag.  This causes the one-way air flow to reverse.  Instead of keeping air out, it lets air in. Which defeats the vacuuming process.

Using the Reynolds Handi-Vac pump without the ReynLoc Adapter turns your Ziploc Vacuum bag into an ordinary Ziploc bag.  Actually worse because now you have a bag that leaks air in instead of keeping air out.

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